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Who We Are

A great pizzeria is a destination. A place on the map to be shared with like-minded pizza lovers, as well as skeptics. We rate these places on scales and use terms like "Best Ever", Top 10, etc. to describe them. 

In this spirit, Rocco's Pizza and Catering was built for the "Pizza Lover" in all of us. We've committed to giving our professional best to become your personal favorite. We love all things "pizza" and believe when it comes to being the best, there's room for all types of favorites. And, we hope you'll give us a chance to become one of your favorites for all the reasons that are important to you. 

Our chefs have worked at some of the best pizzerias that NYC & Long Island have to offer us and collectively have more than 75 years of pizza and catering experience. We source quality ingredients and offer a clean, welcoming, and friendly environment. And for those times when you're unable to visit us in person, we provide a fast and friendly delivery service to your home or office. 

Every day we commit to being your "Personal Favorite"